Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

My mum has one of these in her house and my girls love to just stand and stare at it. So I decided that it would be something worth while to make. This is a really easy craft and it doesn't take any time at all.

You start by holding the ornament with needle nose pliers and putting a tiny drop of hot glue on it. Press it firmly against the front of the jar and let go with the pliers. When you have all of your ornaments in your jars you can stack them. Hot glue goes in between all of the jars. I placed mine against a wall so that they would all sit flush.

You could really put anything you want on the top. My mum has some mistletoe and berries on top of hers. I opted for a simple bow. The trick with the bow, to make it easier to sit nicely, is to just make 2 loops and then with a separate piece of material wrap it around the center.

I made a smaller one for the girls room.

The back isn't too hard either. You just use a nail and a hammer and make it so the lights will fit snugly. Something else to think about is that you don't want all of the same color clumped together so pay attention to where you are putting the lights on the front side.

Its really simple and its a really cute decoration.


  1. Where do you find the little ornaments to put inside?

  2. Where did you find the little ornaments to put inside?

    1. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure any craft store would have them.


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