Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oven S'mores and Secret Recipe Club

This month for the Secret Recipe Club I got Opera Singer in the Kitchen! It is a great site! The food is healthy, creative and looks delicious!

So I went through her site and she had s'mores that were vegetarian. I changed my so it more my style and what I like. But there are so many good recipes you need to get over there and look around!

Oven S'mores
Recipe Source:

1 whole Graham Cracker
1 large Marshmallow
2 pieces of Hershey Chocolate

1. Turn oven to broil. Move rack to the highest rack in the oven. Break graham chrocker in half and place on a cookie sheet and put marshmallow on top. Put in the oven and watch until the top is brown enough for your taste. 

2. Put chocolate pieces on top and put back in the oven just until the chocolate looks like it starts to melt. Remove and let cool for about a half hour. Put the other half of the graham cracker on top. Enjoy!


  1. How great that those use an oven instead of a fire. So much easier and just as delicious. By the way, I made your butterflake rolls for this month's SRC and they were just magical.

  2. What a wonderful idea, easy and quick.
    Great pick for this month's SRC

  3. I've never made s'mores in an oven! Genius.

  4. Yum! Love making s'mores even when you don't have a campfire :)

  5. Love s'mores and these look fantastic! So easy and tasty too.

  6. Great idea for making smores when it's cold outside. I would have a pretty hard time waiting half an hour for it to cool though!

  7. Talk about a sugar high. These look great!


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