Hi! I'm Meghan. I love all things sweet. I once had an aunt tell me that you might be dead before dessert so you should always eat dessert before dinner. That is something I love! It doesn't matter how full I get I always have room for dessert. So when I got married I realized that maybe I should learn how to make my husband something to eat. Slowly but surely I am learning how to cook, bake and the essentials of how to make a house a home.

I love to make my house a warmer place to be. Food and decor are at the heart of that for me. So I cook, bake, quilt, sew, scrapbook, and find cute little things to put around my house. 

I have been married to a great guy for 6 years. He is going to school full-time in Bio-Technology, such a smarty pants(he will be the one helping the girls with homework in the future). He puts up with the messy kitchen and crazy crafty messes I make all over the house. 

I have 2 gorgeous girls and a handsome little boy that love to help and always be in the mix of whatever I am doing or working on.

That's my life, simple and sweet.
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